GAME 2 Salute Tour Diaries

The game against Australia was a good day of cricket – some good balls and some bad – fielding that Steve Smith ball was pretty awesome but I was determined after dropping him the first time I needed some redemption. I was happy with my first few overs and for the next game I will try to keep that same consistency throughout. But it’s just the start and it’s one small step forward for West Indies and the beginning of many for Sheldon Cotterell. We are determined to rally for our next game. I would like this blog to give you some insight into our travelling lives as cricketers and so far it’s some pictures and a little text. This tournament is heating up (the weather only slightly) and I can show you some more of the 2019 World Cup. This is my second World Cup (blessed) but my first on the field. I can tell you it’s the stuff your wildest dreams are made of. It’s also something that is a job and I take my job for the Windies seriously – we have laughs and we play at times – but in the end we work for our fans and our countries – to entertain and to win. I hope we can do both. I had a great week so far as I got to participate in a program that coincides with the World Cup. @chance2shine creates opportunities for students to enjoy cricket, pursue a future in cricket and just to know about a healthy and fun pastime – before our game they also connected me with the super cool kids of Nottingham Academy Primary so we could recreate my soldier salute. It’s my pleasure and it’s a cliche to say my privilege but it’s nice to meet young fans who have a reverence for the game and eager anticipation for the future. I think one of the best gifts we can give over children is hope and belief – this is something that kids in Kingston, Jamaica need also – a chance, support, encouragement and the idea that they can do what their peers overseas can achieve. One of the most interesting organisations I have come across in recent months is an Australian run charity that assists Caribbean children in having the same opportunities in enjoying and excelling in cricket as their Australian counterparts by providing equipment. It’s a testament to the compassion and insight of the founders of this charity to create something simple and yet so effective. The name of the charity is the Children’s Cricket Charity (and although I’m not affiliated with them in any way), I hope that my forum here could generate some interest in their works. Not all sport is about raising a superstar it’s also about offering opportunity, gaining a healthy pastime and being fun! All kids should have this. Nelson Mandela spoke about the healing power of sport and how it unites disparate individuals and factions – we can’t argue with him… I would love to be involved with such honourable sporting endeavours. Their website is and I wish them well. But back to work for me. As a soldier I know that the battle isn’t over. Rally West Indies. #salute Sheldon Cotterell in Southampton, UK Please check out these organisations that support the youth in cricket across the world: Cricket4Good @chance2shine on Twitter Children’s Cricket Charity And if you haven’t seen my boundary catch enough times here it is on the ICC Youtube channel:

Fun day with the kids from Nottingham Academy Primary #salute

Well this was an enjoyable diversion from training and the gym. The World Cup isn’t simply on the cricket pitch it is the festival of cricket for fans and especially for young aspiring cricketers and avid aficionados. Thanks for the enjoyable day students. I hope to meet you all again and maybe watch you in the future on the cricket field or pursuing any of your dreams. And here’s how you do it…

#CPL memories #salute I’m still out here representing my country in another way. Sweet Jamaica Thankyou for all your support Im here training and looking after my boys but looking forward to what is next!

Bedale Cricket Club made my day, month, year. Love seeing kids enjoy their cricket and support us.

So, these past couple of days I have received so much overwhelming support from both English and West Indies fans and cricket fans in general. I’m a Jamaican and the cricket of the West Indies is in my blood – I’m passionate and my hope and my prayers are for West Indies cricket. I am having the time of my life playing for the West Indies – my body hurts but my heart is happy. I love watching all cricket and especially enjoy the youth taking up this great game. It’s exhilarating to watch a close contest and seeing the Ashes on TV on Boxing Day or a brilliant Kohli or Smith knock is fun (unless it’s against me) – and not to mention watching Universe Boss stand and deliver 6 after 6… A few (well quite a few) cricket fans have commented on Twitter about my celebration #salute. So many adorable kids have made their own version – I am honoured – this is the best!!! But many others have criticsed my exuberant celebration – about their critique I say this: For me personally – every ball I bowl for the West Indies is a joy (ok maybe not the 6’s or the wides) but it’s an honour – when I gain a wicket I want to represent/commemorate/respect those colleagues in the armed forces who toil for their country without the same public commendation that we are lucky enough to receive in the sporting domain. I am a man that cherishes my country and those who serve it and I hope my sons honour this same legacy and respect the symbolism of hope, honour and service that I believe my #salute represents. To me it is not my dismissal of the batsman that I am celebrating but more my cherishing of the moment. And from the moment I get that wicket I’m hoping for the next! For a bowler no wicket is ever enough until it’s ”10 fuh”. And it is no true celebration until we achieve our team goals. Every game I play is a chance for me to show what I can do and to give back – I hope I have more opportunity to entertain, to inspire and maybe even to incite controversy!!! I am thankful and excited. But life is bigger than the battle on a cricket field and I would like to thank those who work in thankless professions. I also hope that cricket brings joy to those who watch us and that we entertain (hey even all out for 45 must give the amateur statistcians something fun to remember). I am a small part in a big world but i will do my best to enjoy it and respect it. I am lucky and blessed. Thank you again. #Salute Sheldon Cotterell 9/3/19