World Cup Announcement – A few words from me. Thanks to the coaches, friends and family first of all – very excited for the next few months beginning with the tri-series in Ireland on the 5th and culminating in the World Cup in England & Wales – very thankful for all the help, blessings, luck, inspiration and mentorship of the army of people that have got me here and will get me there… I was privileged to tour with the West Indies 2015 World Cup side to Australia and New Zealand. It was a life changing time for me, and my youngest son was born whilst I was on tour. At the time I didn’t even join the airline frequent flyer program – I couldn’t foresee that my life could ever possibly involve so many international flights around the world and to see New Zealand and Bangladesh and to play cricket in Canada of all places! To play cricket representing Jamaica and the Caribbean is something that brings me pride every time and most especially as I pull on my maroon kit. I think every cricketer aspires to be able to compete with the best and to have a chance to play amongst the greats and I am excited to see the different international World Cup squads that have been announced. Beyond all our team goals it is an honour to have the opportunity to try my skills amongst such prolific batsman – but if I get the chance on the field then I plan to unleash a few tricks of my own too! I promise to undertake my role in our Windies squad with joy from the momentous opportunity and the respect for the chance I have been granted. I think the West Indies team and organisation has gained such important strength, unity (and has always had an enduring brotherhood) in the past few series and we have an important legacy to live up to. I have the blessed opportunity to fulfil some of my dreams but I will do my best to live up to the dreams of the Caribbean community. The Caribbean has a unique character and our influence in music and in sport is resounding beyond the islands (& Guyana) that we call home. I think we can harness this power in the 2019 World Cup and show the world. Looking forward to joining the team and Captain Holder, A salute with honour, Sheldon Cotterell From Tivoli Gardens, Kingston to Portmore – Jamaica In Barbados… April 2019

And in Victoria, Australia…

From the March 20 article: West Indies seamer Sheldon Cottrell’s trademark celebration made it all the way to south-west Victoria after Russells Creek bowler Liam Boyle took the winning wicket against Koroit to put his side in the WDCA division two grand final. Will have to find out where Russels Creek is! Brings a smile to my face. Hope it brought Liam luck! Playing sport really is a great uniter of people it isn’t all rivalry and country vs country. I am playing for Jamaica Defence Force in our semi-final this weekend #global #salute #clubcricket #Australia

#CPL memories #salute I’m still out here representing my country in another way. Sweet Jamaica Thankyou for all your support Im here training and looking after my boys but looking forward to what is next!