Bedale Cricket Club made my day, month, year. Love seeing kids enjoy their cricket and support us.

So, these past couple of days I have received so much overwhelming support from both English and West Indies fans and cricket fans in general. I’m a Jamaican and the cricket of the West Indies is in my blood – I’m passionate and my hope and my prayers are for West Indies cricket. I am having the time of my life playing for the West Indies – my body hurts but my heart is happy. I love watching all cricket and especially enjoy the youth taking up this great game. It’s exhilarating to watch a close contest and seeing the Ashes on TV on Boxing Day or a brilliant Kohli or Smith knock is fun (unless it’s against me) – and not to mention watching Universe Boss stand and deliver 6 after 6… A few (well quite a few) cricket fans have commented on Twitter about my celebration #salute. So many adorable kids have made their own version – I am honoured – this is the best!!! But many others have criticsed my exuberant celebration – about their critique I say this: For me personally – every ball I bowl for the West Indies is a joy (ok maybe not the 6’s or the wides) but it’s an honour – when I gain a wicket I want to represent/commemorate/respect those colleagues in the armed forces who toil for their country without the same public commendation that we are lucky enough to receive in the sporting domain. I am a man that cherishes my country and those who serve it and I hope my sons honour this same legacy and respect the symbolism of hope, honour and service that I believe my #salute represents. To me it is not my dismissal of the batsman that I am celebrating but more my cherishing of the moment. And from the moment I get that wicket I’m hoping for the next! For a bowler no wicket is ever enough until it’s ”10 fuh”. And it is no true celebration until we achieve our team goals. Every game I play is a chance for me to show what I can do and to give back – I hope I have more opportunity to entertain, to inspire and maybe even to incite controversy!!! I am thankful and excited. But life is bigger than the battle on a cricket field and I would like to thank those who work in thankless professions. I also hope that cricket brings joy to those who watch us and that we entertain (hey even all out for 45 must give the amateur statistcians something fun to remember). I am a small part in a big world but i will do my best to enjoy it and respect it. I am lucky and blessed. Thank you again. #Salute Sheldon Cotterell 9/3/19